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Feuerwehr Simulator

Genre: Simulation Year: 2010 Developer: VSTEP Publisher: Astragon Platform: PC Mode(s):Single Player Website: www.feuerwehrsim.de Type: Commercial Game Engine: Quest3D/in-house

The game fire-enthusiasts have been waiting for! Feuerwehr Simulator 2010 provides, for the first time, a realistic fire simulation from the perspective of a German firefighter.

The development studio VSTEP stands out for professional firefighting training software and simulations, thereby making sure that fire-Simulator 2010 will be as close as possible to reality. The game features the ability to change roles, you can take on the role of one or more men of the fire team. In various, varied scenarios, you have to fight different types of fires and rescue people from tense situations. You have the control over a lot of equipment which is available in your Fire Truck: tubes / pipes, axes, turntable ladders, breathing apparatus, and more. Your biggest enemy is time, but also wind, smoke and hazardous liquids and gases are in your way. Different realistic missions provide a lot of fun. The varied missions take place in recognizable locations and feature the German fire brigade style firefighters and vehicles. Locations include a small fire in a suburb, a fire at a gas station, a road traffic accidents in a tunnel, a train crash, rescue of children from a burning building, fight the fire on board of a container ship and a truck accident involving hazardous materials. Feuerwehr Simulator 2010 brings you, for the first time, the daily life of German firefighters in a professional realistic simulation for PC.

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My role in this project:
Game Designer
Level Designer

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